dynadock™ 4K

Cikkszám: PA5217E-2PRP

dynadock™ 4K

Streamline your working life in Ultra HD clarity

If your work demands cutting-edge detail, you'll find Toshiba's elegant dynadock™ 4K, with pristine Ultra HD or dual screen Full HD, the smartest way to streamline your life. With dynadock™ 4K you can simply plug in any notebook using a single cable – or effortlessly connect all your office and mobile needs, including your mouse, keyboard, external drives, HD TV, monitors, headphones, sound system, mobile phone and microphone. The stylish yet practical design means it can be placed vertically or horizontally, so you can keep your workspace neat and clutter-free. The dynadock™ 4K has six USB 3.0 ports, offering speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 to ensure functionality won't be compromised – quite the opposite. Four ports are located on the back, while two are conveniently positioned on the front – complete with Sleep-and-Charge technology. That means your docked devices are fully charged and ready for action each morning. Premium Gigabit LAN ensures you have seamless network access across each device. As well as DisplayPort, the dynadock™ 4K also supports monitors with DVI-I or HDMI ports. That means that including the host PC monitor, the dynadock™ 4K enables you to use three high resolution displays at once – so you have ultimate flexibility in your media.

dynadock™ 4K
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